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Developed uniquely for the Process and Energy Industries, Dynamic Risk Analyzer™ (DRA) is a software platform that delivers advanced warnings on hidden process issues, typically days or weeks before the alarms. DRA users report the following benefits within a few days of usage.

Reduces Unexpected Shutdowns and Process Failures

DRA is designed to uncover hidden problems, so you can stay focused on finding solutions, not hunting for problems.

Increases On-Stream Efficiency and Capacity Utilization

DRA provides peripheral vision on issues developing on the sidelines, enabling you to address new risks and their drivers.

Improves Process Safety and Reliability

What makes DRA unique is its ability to rip through the entire spectrum of process data, uncovering problems, long before humans or alarms can.

DRA helped us save over $1 million in unplanned shutdowns, in its first year.
Operations Manager
Global Oil and Gas Company

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